Angels of amsterdam

Angels Of Amsterdam

Angels of Amsterdam is a virtual reality experience based on the true stories of four 17th century women.

Angels of Amsterdam is set in a truthful recreation of a 17th century café in Amsterdam, where you share key episodes in the lives of Maritgen Jans, Juliana, Elsje Christiaens and Pussy Sweet: four fierce angels who were not getting their fair share of the Golden Age’s gold and took their destiny in their own hands.
They respond to eye-contact, and share their stories in the form of contemporary song, dance or performance.

Where to see Angels of Amsterdam

Angels of Amsterdam will be shown at festivals starting September 2021. The experience will be made available for home use later this year.

Physical locations to see angels

La Biennale di Venezia

1st September – 19th September 2021
Venice, Italy

Netherlands Film Festival

24th September – 1st October 2021
Utrecht, The Netherlands

EYE filmmuseum – Netherlands Premiere screening

Sold out / Show expired
Amsterdam, The Netherlands